MACSTROC Magnetic Drilling Machine

Macstroc industrial Mag-drill starting a cutting capacity of 12mm up to 120mm with stepdown gear box , integral auto-cooling function, and supplied with external cooling device.  MACSTROC Machines is equipped with a powerful motor, variable speed function, and the design ensures stable support, faster drilling times and more accurate hole sizing.

Euroboor - Magnetic Drilling Machine

Magnetic drilling machine 12 – 100 mm / 28 kg The portable Euroboor ECO.100/4 D magnetic core drilling machine has an unique swivel base, which allows the magnet to rotate 30 both ways and slide 15 – 20 mm (9/16″ – 13/16″) forwards and backwards. This magnetic core drilling machine cuts holes up to 100 mm (4) and is particularly suitable for tapping. The ECO.100/4 D drilling machine benefits from a right/left rotating functionality and electronic speed adjustment.

SMART Magnetic Drilling Machine

Magnetic drilling machines SMART series are for professional users who do not want to compromise on quality and performance but  can function with simple and convenient tools without additional features. Machines have proven themselves to be excellent value for money and perfect maintainability in many countries around the world. SMART series machines are under 12months manufacturers warranty

PROMOTECH Magnetic Drilling Machine

Promotech PRO-111 is heavy duty machine with Morse Taper No. 4. It is designed for cutting holes up to 111 mm (4-3/8”) diameter or drilling holes up to 47 mm (1-7/8”) diameter. PRO-111 has got 4-speed mechanical gear box and is equipped with motor overload protection system with LED indicator. Its precision and durability are significantly increased thanks to the one piece gearbox housing and slide.